Illustrate Magazine Review


Bringing back the timeless sounds of the 70s, Roxercat kicks off the song with an electrifying lead guitar solo backed by a funky rhythm guitar that sets the stage for Price Jones’s dynamic vocals. Her vocals have this airiness and grit that compliments the instrumentals so well and how she effortlessly transitions takes ages of practice to master. From the assertive narrative of the verses and building up tension in the bridge to the release in the chorus, she demonstrates incredible control and vocal prowess.

On the instrumental side, there is a lot going on. The song throws back at the timeless sound of 70s prog-rock with funky rhythm guitar, organs, and a soaring lead guitar just to name a few. The tasteful fuzz and distortion in the chorus go so well with the raspy vocal lines. The song is full of catchy riffs and melodies. It’s mixed and mastered so well that the layers and layers of instruments don’t overshadow each other even at the peak of the song. I did not want to spoil it for you but it would be an injustice to the song if I don’t mention the bass solo that caught me off-guard followed by that soaring electric guitar that got me hooked at the beginning. Excellent songwriting and great high-energy performance!