The band that’s proved that hard work does eventually pay off; it is with the greatest pride that I will be the one telling you about their latest release! Roxercat is one hell of a progressive rock band that’s been dominating the charts through their unique take on music and their impeccable charisma that just demands attention. The band has recently released their new original single “Pearls” with an upcoming 6 track EP on the way, and I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this mind-blowing release!

The trio of a band has been quite remarkable throughout their music career which has spanned over 40 years. Amassing quite some recognition and collaborations along the way, the band has endless stories to tell and countless melodies to offer. With Price Jones as lead singer, Stan Lassister as a guitarist, and Bill Francis setting the tone with his bass, they’ve been quite an unstoppable force of melodic genius. Snatching countless collaborations with talented artists and having this single and EP composed and arranged by Price Jones and the upcoming EP produced by Grammy Award winner Clark Schleicher and co-produced by Price Jones, they are proving to be quite unstoppable! “Pearls” has been recorded at the Sound Emporium Studios and overdubbed at the Cat Tracks Studio.

Their latest release is a masterpiece of creation and is a minor sneak peek into the 6 track EP planned for release. With its pleasing melodies, soothing instrumentals and thought-provoking lyrics, Pearls is quite a remarkable experience that you have to immerse yourself in. Marking one of their greatest releases to date, the single is reaching out to their fans globally. It is getting me quite excited for what the EP might bring to the table.

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Discover what 40 years of musical experience feels like with Roxercats and their latest masterpiece “Pearls”.

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