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By: Victor Matheus  /

(Translated to English)

Roxercat releases the new single “Pearls” being the first work of the band’s career.

ROXERCAT – Nashville, TN

Directly from Nashville, the band is formed by vocalist and guitarist Price Jones, renowned jazz guitarist Stan Lassiter and bassist Bill Francis.

“Pearls” arrives to be the debut single, the gateway and also the first of the EP “Pearls”, of the same name, which will come next year.

The new work “Pearls” has smooth and melodic guitar riffs like in country, with strong beats and a rising tempo. Price’s vocals are wonderful and give an even more special tone to “Pearls”. 

With influences from classic rock, the listener will float in this brilliant instrumental. “Pearls” captivates the listener and takes in an environment that permeates rock, pop, country, folk, it’s an incredible song for being versatile, with the vocalist who has a sweet and engaging voice, and sings along with the guitar riff along bottom, taking her where she wants. The ground is sweeping, it elevates energy.

Roxercat surprises in this debut song and leaves Indieoclock looking forward to more songs!

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