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Getting Funky Listening To ‘I Changed Today’ By Roxercat

Roxercat is a progressive rock band based in Nashville, Tennessee who has been making their name known in the music scene as of late. The group consists of singer Price Jones, guitarist Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis. The group was recently formed and each member brings their own special pizzaz to the table that makes Rexercat what it is overall. So far they have just released two singles so there is still much to learn about this extremely talented group. What we do know, is that this group is bursting at the seams with star power and talent. We here at The sTudy Lounge have very high hope for Roxercat’s career in the music industry, which is why we are beyond thrilled to be showing off their follow-up to their debut release, ‘I Changed Today’.

‘I Changed Today’ is the latest release to come from Roxercat and is a follow-up to their debut single, ‘Pearls’. The song utilizes soulful and funky influences to create a dynamic that we feel is perfect to kick your day off with style. The song opens with smooth percussion and a nostalgia-filled guitar and bassline that instantly encourages you to vibe and groove along to the infectious rhythm of the track. Before you know it, powerful and warm vocals performed by Price enter the scene and begin to paint an absolutely beautiful and impactful picture. From start to finish this song carries a ton of energy and dynamics that leave listeners on the edge of their seats all the way into the closing moments. We love absolutely everything about this song and we know that you all will feel the same. we will be adding ‘I Changed Today’ to our Feelings of Nostalgia playlist so be sure to check it out and show it some love.

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