Review: Roxercat Debuts With Rocky Americana Gem ‘Pearls’

By Gabriel Mazza –

It is not often that we come across such refined musicianship. Emerging from Nashville, Roxercat is the project of three stellar musicians, coming together to build something bigger than themselves. The Rock and Americana outfit has just released their debut effort, a charismatic and energetic single called ‘Pearls’. If you dig it, keep an eye out for their upcoming EP. 

Let’s focus for a moment on the humans behind Roxercat: you see, they are not ordinary people, but instead highly trained professionals that have been navigating the industry for decades. Head honcho Price Jones has been active in the Tennesse capital since the 80s, running her commercial recording studio Cat Tracks while touring up and down the country. 

A gifted singer and songwriter, she’s the driving force behind Roxercat. Joining her as the founding core of the group are virtuoso guitarist Stan Lassiter and bassist Bill Francis. The trio met while working on Price’s own musical, rock opera ‘The Fortunate Few’. 

With such a convoluted story, we’d expect only the best results. Needless to say, Roxercat absolutely deliver. ‘Pearls’ is a joy to listen to. Blending Rock and Country/Americana vibes, the listener is treated to luscious simil-steel guitar action, while a punchy drums and a Hammond organ complete the sonic scenario. Jones’ vocals are near perfect: showcasing her songwriting prowess, she delivers lyrics with an evocative, malleable tone, even sharing a certain degree of grittiness. 

A surprising release from Roxercat, who jump on the scene with a strong artistic statement. 

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